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Creating Everlasting Memories

Every love story is unique, and your wedding should be a reflection of that uniqueness. I truly believe that wedding flowers go beyond just decoration – they can tell your story and express your individuality.


I take great joy in creating bespoke wedding flower arrangements, whether it's a boutonniere, a bridal bouquet, or decorating an entire venue. I see each wedding as a one-of-a-kind event, and I relish the opportunity to be creative and bring your vision to life. 


It all begins with you, your narrative, your style, and your preferences; providing a personalized service to ensure that every creation is as special as your love story

Summer Bridal Bouquet
Paper Wedding Flowers
Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet

With the growing trend of paper flowers for weddings, it's no wonder more brides are opting for these unique floral alternatives.

Paper flowers are especially well-suited for destination weddings, being allergen-free and eco-friendly, making them an ideal alternative over fresh flowers. Plus, the added bonus is that you get to enjoy your wedding bouquet as fresh as the first day, long after the celebration ends.

Bright and colorful bridal Bouquet
Colorful summer flowers
paper flower Bridal Bouquet

I have a genuine love for flowers, which serves as the core inspiration for my work. My style is inherently drawn to the organic, embracing the beauty of natural, slightly wild, and yet effortlessly relaxed aesthetics. Each creation I make reflects my deep love for both nature and art

Purple Tulips Buttonholes
Purple Tulips Buttonholes
Purple Tulips Buttonholes

Melodie, UK

Fabulous bouquet and buttonhole. Both are of exceptional quality and go perfectly well with our wedding colour theme. Rebeca was an angel, taking into account all of my wishes and preferences, and giving me regular updates on her progress. She completed both items very quickly and delivery was fast as well. Both items were extremely well packaged. Thank you so much Rebeca for everything! My boyfriend and I cannot wait to use these for our wedding! :)

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Bridal Paper Flower Bouquet
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