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All things floral


Our flowers

paper flora

Our paper flora is made with time and love. Every flower is individually made, petal by petal.

We create everlasting flowers for our dried flowers mixes or to shine on their own on bouquets and arrangements.

From Roses, Peonies, Ranunculus and all the blousy blooms to exotic beauties like Proteas and Anthuriums.

And of course, the foliage. The variety of greenery is the key to many arrangements, adds that background that transports us to a garden or jungle.

Paper Ranunculus

dried flora

There is something very special about dried flowers that speaks right to me. They bring memories from my childhood and inspire me to create the most intricate designs. Dried flora is definitely the favourite ingredient on my hair accessories and wreaths, I love their fades tones and strange shapes.


Following the seasonal inspiration to create one of a kind pieces of floral art. Bouquets, Wreaths, Woodland scenes and of course Paper Flowers.

Paper Botanica combines the delicate paper flowers designs with dried and preserved natural fora. A unique combination of elements to create everlasting floral arrangements that will bring nature into our homes. 

"Rebeca is a true artist. With only the smallest rough idea of what I wanted, she has created beautiful flowers for my wedding that I will be able to keep forever.
I cannot recommend her enough - thank you!"

Colette, UK


paper botanica



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