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About me...

I'm a self-taught paper artist, a passionate floral designer, rain lover, avid reader, a plant enthusiast, and a wanderer at heart.

My journey with Paper Botanica began in 2017, a solo expedition into the world of all things botanical. Here, I craft exquisite paper flowers, everlasting wreaths, floral crowns, and whimsical botanical sculptures. 

Filling the world with flowers

Why flowers? So, why flowers, you might wonder? Because they're like instant happiness! They're a reminder of the beauty in our world, a moment of zen in the chaos, and a reason to smile. Flowers can't solve everything, but they sure know how to brighten our day 

Sharing a Passion for Nature

Paper Botanica is not your average flower shop. Our blossoms are always in their prime, and we don't fuss about seasons. We create handmade paper flowers for all sorts of occasions, whimsical botanical sculptures, and handcraft unique dried flower wreaths and crowns. Our mission? Sharing our passion for flowers and the wonders of the natural world.

Paper Anemones
Delphinium Flower Stem
White paper Ranunculus
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