Frequently asked questions

How long do Paper Flowers Last?

With the appropriate care, paper flowers will last many years... Every bloom is carefully handcrafted and finish with a light layer of protective varnish to add some UV protection and a humidity barrier. However, they are delicate pieces and sensitive to the pass of time. The colour may fade slowly, especially if exposed to sunlight and high humidity environments could alter the shape. But in normal circumstance you will not apreciatte any change on them in years.

How do I look After my Paper Flowers?

Paper flowers require very little maintenance... Following some basic recommendations will ensure you get the most of your paper blooms over time. Keeping your blooms away from water, high humidity conditions and direct sunlight will help to keep the colors and shape as the first day. If needed, the flowers can be dusted by using a soft brush.

How long does it take you to create a flower?

That is a comon question and in sort I said it will depends on the type of flower. Some complex large flowers such as Peonies or dinnerplate Dahlias, can take as much as a few days where others may be done in an hour. The process often involves different stages, I could spend hours just dying, painting or cutting petals in preparation, so a lot of times is hard to know how long did a flower take to make.

Do you do custom and Bespoke pieces?

Of course! I love working on bespoke pieces. Whether is a wedding, a special gift or an event decoration, I will be happy to design and make your vision come true. The production times will vary based on the amount of current work and the nature of the order.

Do you do Weddings Flowers?

Yes, I do! Paper flowers are becoming a great alternative to fresh flowers for bridal bouquets. Not only you get to enjoy the flowers of your bouquet for many years to come, but in some circumstances can also be a great option to consider. Paper flowers can be done time ahead your wedding, are easy to storage and don't depend on seasons. You could have any flower you want regardless the time of the year. They are also a great option for people suffering from allergies. If you are thinking on having a complete paper flower bouquet, a replica bouquet or just incorporate some paper blooms to your bridal bouquet, I would love to hear your ideas. ​​

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