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How long do paper flowers last and how to care for them

With the appropriate care, paper flowers can last a lifetime. However,  they are delicate pieces and sensitive to the past of time. the main factors that affect them are sunlight and humidity.

Is important to keep your flowers away from long exposure to sunlight, to protect the colors, and high humidity environments. And of course, no need to water them.

All flowers are finished off with a light layer of paper sealant or varnish, to add extra protection against time.

What materials do you use

Crepe paper

The main ingredient for paper flowers. A type of thinly coated tissue paper, that is gathered to produce a crinkle texture. I make my flowers to last, and for the majority of them, I use heavy crepe paper due to its resilience and good stretching properties. I also use fine crepe and tissue paper for small details such as stamens, sepals, etc..


Another key element of a paper flower is used to make stems, leaves, internal structure on large blooms, etc…

Paint, dyes, and varnish

I use a multitude of materials to add color and little details. Watercolour, dyes, inks,  pastels, markers, etc… For each flower, there is a different technique and an elusive color or gradient to achieve in order to add that realistic touch.

Commission work

Yes, I always welcome commission and bespoke work. Creating unique pieces and helping to materialize a vision is one of the favorite parts of my work. Drop me a line telling me your ideas or vision and I will be happy to help you.

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