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Paper Flowers


Over the years, I have created many flowers, developing my own techniques through study, observation, and practice. Thanks to my experience as a florist, I often have the opportunity of getting my hands on live specimens. Using real flowers as models, allows me to capture the essence and main characteristics of a particular flower. I'm also very interested in the life of a flower. How it can dramatically change in appearance at the different stages.

The process of creating a flower is a labor of patience and preparation. Starting by cutting

Each flower is individually made. I cut, shape, and often paint and varnish, petal by petal. That process makes every flower a little bit different. The result is a unique bloom that will last many years to come.

Dried Flowers Design and Hair Accessories


I have a passion for dried flowers. I found them poetic and beautiful in their own way. They inspired to create floral crowns and head pieces, wreaths and floral moons. I'm drawn to organic and seasonal designs, with soft palettes of natural faded tones.

I'm interested in the process of how to dry and preserved flowers, and constantly experimenting.

My dried flower work is mainly bespoke. If you are looking to something specially made, please get in contact.  For those in a rush, or just looking for inspiration, check my Etsy shop for a selection of one of a kind crowns and wreaths


Botanical Sculptures

Botanical sculptures with a fantasy touch. Paper mushrooms growing among preserved and dry flowers. Inspired by the troops of fungi that dot the woods, covered with moss, lichen, leaves, seeds…


I have always been fascinated by the woodlands plants and fungi. Often feel like they were many worlds and many forests within. These scenes capture that magical feeling when you spot a troop of tiny mushrooms popping out of a fallen branch, or from the mossy ground.

Intricate and high in detail, every piece is one of a kind. Please contact me if you would like to inquire about a commission, for ready to go pieces, please check my Etsy shop.

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