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Paper Flower Making: Crepe Paper

Welcome to a series of posts about the basics of paper flower making, where I'll go through the basic materials and techniques involved in paper flower making. In this first post, I want to talk about a basic element: crepe paper.

Crepe paper is the favorite paper to create realistic flowers and botanicals. But by no means is it the only type of paper suitable for making flowers; tissue paper, photocopy paper, cardstock, newspaper, etc. – really, you can make flowers with any type of paper. So why is crepe paper our favorite? The answer lies in the amazing properties of crepe paper: its stretching ability and durability.

Fine Crepe paper rolls
Fine Crepe Paper

What is Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is a type of paper that has been coated and crinkled to give it a textured and stretchy feel. The crinkling is created by a process called creping, which involves applying a special adhesive to the paper and then drying it while it is stretched. The result is a paper that has a soft, textured feel and a stretch to it.

Like all paper, crepe paper is classified based on its weight. In this context, "weight" refers to the thickness or density of the paper and it is typically measured in terms of grams per square meter (gsm).

The more popular weights for crepe paper are:

Heavy Crepe Paper 140 - 180 gsm

Fine and Extrafine Crepe paper 60gsm - 90gsm

Doublette or Double Sided Crepe paper

Heavy Crepe Paper

This paper is normally found in three weights: 140 gsm, 160gsm, and 180 gsm. Its perfect for making all types of flowers but is particularly recommended for large or medium-sized ones. No other crepe paper can support the weight of large petals like heavy crepe paper.

It is durable, hard to tear apart, very stretchy, and can be combined with different coloring techniques.

Heavy Crepe Paper rolls
Heavy Crepe Paper

Fine and Extrafine crepe paper

This paper is perfect for small flowers and intricate details, thanks to its smoother texture and softer feel, making it very pleasant to work with.

Finding fine crepe paper shouldn't be a problem, and my favorite manufacturer for this type is Cartotectica Rossi. For extra-fine crepe paper, my preferred brand is Lia Griffith, known for its beautiful colors and excellent texture.

Crepe paper
Fine and Extra fine Crepe Paper

Double-sided or Doublette

Double-sided or doublette paper is made by gluing two sheets of extra fine crepe paper together. The result is a durable paper with a smooth texture but less stretch than other types. Another attractive feature of this paper is that it often comes with different colors on each side, adding an extra element of interest when making flowers with it. The duotone paper looks great with roses, for example.

Double-sided crepe paper can be more difficult to find, and the color options are smaller than with other crepe papers. It comes in sheets of 25 cm x 125 cm and may seem a bit pricey compared with other types. However, it is a great option for making flowers, and the favorite of many paper florists, as it has the durability and thickness of heavy crepe paper with a smoother texture.

Alternatively, you can create your own doublette by laminating two pieces of fine crepe paper together.

Double sided crepe paper
Doublette Crepe Paper

Where to find crepe paper

There are two main manufacturers of crepe paper well-known worldwide: Cartotecnica Rossi in Italy and Werola in Germany. When we talk about Italian or German paper we refer to them.

Both Cartotecnica Rossi and Werola offer an extensive selection of crepe paper, boasting a diverse range of colors to suit any project. Whether you're based in the UK like myself or elsewhere, locating a retailer online or nearby should be relatively straightforward. From traditional craft and art supply stores to independent sellers on platforms like Etsy, crepe paper in all its varieties is readily available. Below I include the links to my preferred retailers' online.

  • Floristry Warehouse - They offer Italian crepe paper in all its weights.

  • Arlo Arts - Italian, German, and Doublette Paper.

  • Etsy - With numerous small shops offering crepe paper in smaller quantities and assorted color sets


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