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Flower notes: Cosmos Chocolate

Cosmos astrosanguineus

I've been fascinated with this flower ever since I first saw some stems in a glass jar at my local florist. I instantly noticed their elusive color, which falls somewhere between a deep burgundy and a rich, dark chocolate brown. And let's not forget about its subtle, alluring scent.

Bunch of Cosmos Chocolate
Paper Cosmos Astrosanguineus

The name itself, "Cosmos Chocolate," may conjure images of a rich, cocoa-colored bloom.

Yet, it's not just about appearances...

What sets this flower apart is its captivating fragrance—a delicate blend of vanilla and chocolate notes. It's as if nature itself decided to create a sensory masterpiece.

I was also lucky to find a little plant at a local nursery not long after, which helped me to know more about it as a plant and was extremely useful in making my paper version.

Each year, as late summer transitions into early autumn, I find myself irresistibly drawn to create a bunch of Chocolate Cosmos.

Just like with my other seasonal flowers, I take the opportunity to review my notes, templates, and fine-tune the details. This ongoing process of refinement ensures that my original design improves with each passing year.

So, if you have a thing for dainty, distinctive blossoms, Cosmos Chocolate is the flower for you! 🌸🍫✨


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