the power of wearing flowers

Flowers were our first adornments, before jewellery or makeup, and there has always been a strong symbolising associated with wearing flowers in our hair or our heads. From the laurel wreaths worn in ancient Greece, to the oversizes blooms of Frida Khalo, wearing flowers is beyond pure aesthetic.

There is something very special about it, and even more when is done in a unique especial like a marriage celebration. Flowers become the symbol of love and part of our memories.

She wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes.

Arundhati Roy

That is why creating floral accessories is so special, you know they will become keepsakes.


Almost all our hairpieces are made using dried flowers, the little details and faded tones of this natural material are an endless source of inspiration. We love playing with earthy palettes and intricate designs making unique hair accesories that can be wear on many occasions.

paper botanica



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