Paper Ranunculus

Paper Ranunculus

A selection of paper ranunculus in assorted pastel shades. These paper blooms are lovingly handcrafted individually using high-quality crepe paper, each of them unique and created to the little detail.

The stems are made of wire that can be cut (you will need some pliers or wire cutters for that) and bent into shape. The flower heads are between 6-8 cm wide, and the stems are 30-35 cm tall (including the flower head portion).

They look great displayed on their own,  but they can be mixed and added to other dried flower arrangements, adding a touch of color. These blooms will also be a perfect bridal bouquet as a Solo bunch or as an addition to your fresh flower bridal bouquet. If you would like to add them to a fresh flowers bouquet,  please do let me know so I can prepare the stems accordingly.

For urgent orders or different quantities, please contact me prior to purchase and I will be happy to help you.

The flowers will come wrapped in tissue paper with care instructions and if you would like to send them as a present please include your message at the checkout.

All my pictures are taken under natural light in an effort to show the real tones of the flowers but please note that the colors can vary depending on your color monitor settings

  • Looking after your flowers

    With simple care your flowers can last many years, however, they are delicate pieces and sensitive to the pass of time.

    The main factors that affect them are sunlight and moisture. To get the most of your arrangement, keep them out from long exposures to direct sunlight and away from humidity. Never expose them to rain or water as they will get damaged.

  • Materials

    Crepe paper
    The main ingredient for paper flowers. A type of thinly coated tissue paper, that is gathered to produce a crinkle texture. I make my flowers to last, and for the majority of them, I use heavy crepe paper due to its resilience and good stretching properties. I also use fine crepe and tissue paper for small details such as stamens, sepals, etc..
    Another key element of a paper flower is used to make stems, leaves, internal structure on large blooms, etc… 
    Paint, dyes, and varnish
    I use a multitude of materials to add color and little details. Watercolour, dyes, inks,  pastels, markers, etc… For each flower, there is a different technique.

    Every flower is protected with a paper sealant to add extra protection against humidity and UV light. Always refer to the care instructions on how to look after your flowers.