fill your home with flowers

Flowers are wonderful things, no matter in what form, colour or shape they come. The benefits of having natural elements at home are clear, especially when living in the middle of the city.

Having flowers around the house will improve our moods and provoke positive feelings, reducing our stress levels. It helps us to stay connected with the world out there and all its beauty.

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

Emma Goldman    

Incorporating flowers and natural elements in our rooms is easy and will complement our interior decoration, adding color and interesting shapes to our homes.

I believe on the benefits of having flowers around and that is why we make everlasting arrangements and floral pieces to help you create a natural space at home that feels special and unique.

Every flower is especial on its own way and that is why our floral creations are one of a kind.

We offer a variety of paper flowers, with and without dried flowers, bouquets. Seasonal and natural wreaths and wall floral decor.

Paper Garden Roses

paper botanica



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