The Flowers

Every flower and piece of greenery is handcrafted using high-quality Italian crepe paper in different weights. Every bloom is unique in its own way due to the manual of the process. I hand cut every piece, I shape and add colour or varnish depending on the bloom and the desired finish.


My creative process benefits from my work with fresh flowers, and as such, I always intend to be truthful to nature. I spend many hours just observing, studying and dissecting flowers. Understanding and identifying what are the key elements of each bloom and how to translate that beauty into paper.


However, nature is too perfect, trying to do an exact replica of a real flower is not always my goal, and many times can compromise the creative process by trying to replicate something that only nature can really do well. My work is full of creative licenses and botanical inaccuracies as I tried to create my own vision of a particular flower.


One of the things I enjoy the most is making fantasy flowers, flowers that are loosely based on real blooms but are created without any botanical pretensions. Just an exercise of colour,  textures and shapes.

The Artist

Hola! My name is Rebeca, I am a paper artist and a self-taught paper florist. I grew up in Spain but moved to the south of England years ago where my real passion for all botanical things started to take shape and roots, as I fell in love with the English countryside and its woodlands.


My work creating paper flowers introduce into the floristry world and I now spend my days between real and paper blooms. Working with fresh flowers made a big impact on my paper practice, filling my desk with inspiration, knowledge and expanding the limits of my creations. I love both worlds and I would often combine them in my floral pieces. Looking to bring up the realism of an arrangement with touches of fresh and dried elements.


My goal is to create unique pieces of floral art that will last over the years. Capturing seasons and feelings through colours, textures and shapes. Offering my own vision of nature, sometimes looking to realistically represent nature elements and others losing myself in a ethereal world letting my imagination run free.


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